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The Zilker Botanical Garden Conservancy (“the Conservancy”) was established in 2015 to fulfill the initial goals of transforming Zilker Botanical Garden (“ZBG”) and transitioning operations from Austin Area Garden Council (“AAGC”) and the City of Austin (“the City”) – in particular the City Parks and Recreation Department (“PARD”) – to the Conservancy. This will be accomplished by raising funds for the operation and improvements of the gardens, developing innovative programs and creating an advocacy plan for ZBG.


To meet these goals and achieve transition, the Conservancy is analyzing new potential growth and partnership opportunities. To achieve higher attendance and increase ZBG’s revenue, the Conservancy has a three-pronged approach:

  1. Improve maintenance of ZBG: this will increase visibility of current exhibits as well as create new garden space for future exhibits;
  2. Implement special exhibits: these exhibits will be unique to the State- or Multi-State Region and focus on special exhibits, events and flora that will increase attendance and awareness in the City;
  3. Develop a Master Plan: in collaboration with PARD and the community, the Conservancy would create a master plan that would allow for expansion opportunities, educational spaces and event venues in addition to expanded garden spaces and beautification projects.


The Conservancy will continue its current partnership with the City, strengthening it as the plans for ZBG move forward. The Conservancy recognizes the important role of the City in the success of ZBG and will work to promote transparency with the City through frequent updates and communications. The Conservancy looks forward to creating a transition plan for the operation, maintenance and management of ZBG that would include a phased plan to move various parts of the current operation to the Conservancy with guidance and funding from the City.

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